Well as expected everyone wants to know about that stain color....and so would I....ha ha.

The truth is a faux painter did it and of course he is not going to share with me because then I would not need him right?  Just like designers have their sources so do people who have a being able to mix and put a beautiful finish on raw wood.....

The only thing I can tell you is that it was applied on white oak.

On to things I can share with you like wallpaper....Thibaut to be exact!

Since wallpaper came back on to the scene about 5 or so years ago..... my go to for beautiful papers has been Thibaut.

Especially grasscloth.

Like this brown one that I used .....which by the way is my new favorite!

This beautiful neutral grasscloth that has a glimmer to it!

And this pretty grasscloth damask I used in a foyer.

I just ordered this pretty blue and white one which will go in a bathroom next week.....

Other examples of Thibaut and Anna French [which Thibaut owns] papers I've used....

Now for some new papers that they have recently added!

Here is the deal.....sometimes I can look at the samples and think "ho hum"....and then I see them up and I am like "Holy Batman"!

Case in point.....with this one....

A little styling and boom.

This pretty textured paper....



Or this one

So pretty huh?

Here are a few more that caught my eye!

I need to use this one really appeals to me with it's texture and colorway.

I saw this fabric [also in a wallpaper] at Highpoint in April....

These colors made me giddy!  Shocking right?

Stay tuned for next Thursday when I am participating in #projectdesignhome with bloggers Driven By DecorMost Lovely Things, Classic Casual Home, Rough Luxe Lifestyle.

We are discussing bookshelf styling tips!  I spent all day yesterday restyling them and now my house is a wreck.

And recently my friend Michele over at  Hello Lovely did a great post on white might need to check it out!

See you on Thursday!



Well I'm not sure what I am going to blog about after I finish showing you more pictures from my project featured in Southern Homes magazineMarcy Simpson took such gorgeous photos and really showcased my work.  I am humbled.

Yes I am still blabbing on about my recent 15 minutes of fame....kind of like when I painted my floors white.....just couldn't shut up about it and found a way to weave it into every conversation.

I'm nothing if not consistent.

Let's get right to it.

The basement.....which as you can see below was not built out at all and just used for storage.....

After.....don't ask me the color of the stain....I don't know it:)

I love how these knobs kind of mimic the iron panels.....

Looking past this sliding door you can see that there are 2 more rooms.....a den and a bedroom.

After staining.

The husband and wife are big readers so for once I had no shortage of books!

Pretty much everything downstairs had been upstairs so we repurposed it all.  The only thing new was this leather Charles Stewart sofa.

She had the rug which I loved.....

Looking through the doors you can see her former family room furniture all recovered....Nothing new except for the 2 blue ottomans.

And I gathered all of the colorful art to make a gallery wall of her favorites.....

Let's go all the way to the third floor.....where I repurposed more....

See the paint chips?  Those were the colors in her previous dining room rug.  I used it for one of the guest rooms.

And there were 2 of these cute little numbers in her former living room.

Desk painted....chair painted.... reused mirror.... all art was hers.

Guess what....since I have to run off to Orange Theory I will have enough for one more post....I know.....shoot me right?

I've been trying to work on a fashion post....those suckers take time but I'll get to it!

Friday kids....let's whoop it up!

Sheriky Freaky

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